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Dental Checkups & Cleanings – Shelton, CT

Prevent Dental Problems for a Healthy Smile


Did you know that it’s possible to have cavities or gum disease and not know it? Brushing and flossing your teeth is an essential part of preventing oral issues, but there are places in your mouth that are harder to clean, like between your pearly whites or behind your molars. That’s why it’s so important to have regular appointments with your dentist at the Dental Center of Huntington. A dental checkup with professional cleaning is one of the simplest ways to prevent dental problems for a healthy smile. Contact us today to learn more!

Why Choose Dental Care of Huntington for Dental Checkups & Cleanings?

  •       Dentists with 20+ Years of Experience
  •       Safe & Comfortable Environment
  •       Dental Insurance Accepted

Why are Regular Dental Checkups & Cleanings Important?

Woman smiling at dentist before exam

It’s recommended that you see your dentist every 6 months for a checkup and professional cleaning as a standard preventative measure for a few reasons. Regular visits allow them to identify any potential areas of concern, like weakening enamel or early indicators of gum disease, and address them before they progress. Most dental problems don’t clear up on their own and only grow worse over time which can lead to more complex, and costly, treatments down the road. For example, by catching and filling a hidden cavity during your standard visit, your dentist helps you avoid a potential root canal later.

You also protect your overall well-being with consistent dental cleanings because problems with your teeth and gums can impact your physical health, too. Periodontitis can enter the bloodstream, for instance, and is associated with an increased risk of heart disease, diabetes, and other serious conditions. Furthermore, it’s possible to develop an issue like cavities or gingivitis and not even know it. If left untreated, the decay and disease can spread to your other teeth and jawbone and can even result in tooth loss. Your dentist has the experience and instruments necessary to diagnose issues early and treat them accordingly.

What to Expect During a Dental Checkup

YDentist showing X-rays to patient

Typically, your dentist in Shelton will follow a standard routine during your checkup that includes:

  • A Health Review. Our team needs to confirm or update your current medical history and list of medications.
  • An Oral Examination. The condition of your gums, teeth, bite alignment, and the condition of any existing dental work will be inspected.
  • X-Rays. This may not be included in every checkup but likely will happen at least once every year. X-rays and digital imaging help see under the surface of your teeth and gums to spot potential problems.
  • Oral Cancer Screening. Your dentist will look for signs of cancer in your oral soft tissues to treat it early if it has developed.
  • Build a Treatment Plan. If they identify signs of decay or disease, they’ll propose their solutions and work with you on a cohesive plan.
  • Q&A. Before you leave, your dentist will answer any remaining questions you have about your current status and instructions for at-home care.

What to Expect During a Dental Cleaning

Dentist flossing patient’s teeth

During your professional dental cleaning, you can expect:

  • Plaque Removal. Your hygienist will use specialized instruments to eradicate any plaque, tartar, or bacteria buildup from your teeth and along your gum line.
  • They’ll also gently and thoroughly floss between all your pearly whites to remove anything that’s trapped between them or below your gumline.
  • Tooth Polishing. This removes any prominent surface stains and leaves your smile dazzling bright!
  • Fluoride Treatment. This ingredient strengthens enamel and prevents tooth decay.
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